THE EMPEROR, With great auspice and pomp The Emperor Beijing Forbidden City entered the scene... This very first property of ours was named one of "Twelve Best Business Boutique Hotels In The World" by Forbes Magazine in 2008, the same year it was found. Located at the north-eastern tip of the Forbidden City, The Emperor Beijing Forbidden City adopted a 'royalty' theme. Our guests are greeted at the door by China's past rulers in all of the 55 suites! The Emperor Group added a second address in 2014.

A stone's throw from the famed Front Gate, The Emperor Beijing Qianmen stands majestically on yet another historic site nestling between Tiananmen Square and the Qianmen District. The 65-suite The Emperor Beijing Qianmen takes on the theme of 'Shui', or water; the creative idea came from an age-old proverb that says "where there's water there's life".
Look out for the Emperor Group ! More flagship boutiques will come your way under the same banner, all befitting the discernment of modern-day kings and queens...
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